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Yuexing Group is a diversified enterprise group, founded in 1988, headquartered in Shanghai,China. Through 30 years of rapid development, the group has hired more than 10,000 employees,and owned two main operating brands, "Global Harbor" and "Yuexing Furnishing". At present,it has formed the diversified business pattern with "culture, travel and business complex,smart furnishing mall development and operation as the main, while real estate development,commercial retailing, hotel business, furniture manufacturing, specialty catering and other industries develop simultaneously." Projects and products spread across many provinces, cities,and 68 countries and regions around the world. Yuexing has become an international supplier of a better life for people. Yuexing Group was selected the National Brands Project of Xinhua News Agency in 2017.


"Global Harbor" is a large-scale urban commercial complex project established by Yuexing Group.Meanwhile, it has many development projects which have been built or under construction inShanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities. The well-built Global Harbor is a super-large scale city complex that integrates business, travel and culture. While paying attention to the richness of business forms, it also emphasizes the pursuit of creating a high quality of life and deep cultural connotations, which is a vivid "model" for supply-side reform. It already has "Global" influence in the domestic and overseas.


"Yuexing Furnishing" which is mainly engaged in large furnishing chain stores, is committed to creating the intelligent ecological circle of the whole furnishing industry chain, and to improving the cultural character, shopping environment and service level of the home furnishing store. Yuexing Furnishing adopts the standard of the British century-old department store Harrods, to build the "Chinese Harrods for Furniture", which aims at upgrading Yuexing Furnishing Mall from a platform-type store to a home themed shopping center. After renovation, Yuexing Furnishing Mall took the humanized and interactive experience as a root of the layout and constantly explores the innovative model of internal commercial layout for the domestic furnishing plaza.


In the creation of the whole furnishing industry chain, Yuexing takes furniture manufacturing as the starting point, inherits the spirit of craftsmanship, and owns the "Fine House", "Empire Craftsman", and "Excel Home" and other civilian furniture brands. The sales network covers large and medium-sized cities in China and many countries and regions around the world. "Yuexing Hotel Furniture" is the favorite brand of many international hotel management groups and has become the sponsor for the furniture industry project of the Shanghai World Expo , APEC , G20 and China International Import Expo.


"Better, stronger and larger" is the goal that leads the way for Yuexing; "building an everlasting enterprise and a century-old store" is the mission of Yuexing Group. At present, under the trend of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Yuexing has becoming a group company with competitive advantages in a number of areas through the development strategy of internationalization, capitalization, and branding, formed with an outstanding main industry, a complete industrial chain, a diversified development, and a dual wheel drive of industry and capital. On behalf of the national brands, Yuexing is dedicated to making its business towards the international market!