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Yuexing Furnishing Group mainly deals with large furniture chain stores. In order to upgrade the cultural character, shopping environment and service level of the furniture stores, Yuexing Furnishing adopts the standard of the British century-old department store Harrods, to build the "Chinese Harrods for Furniture", which aims at upgrading Yuexing Furnishing Mall from a platform-type store to a home themed shopping center. After renovation, Yuexing Furnishing Mall broke traditional furniture stores' mode and took the humanized and interactive experience as root of the layout.

In 2017, based on the strategy of "building hundreds of thriving malls with wisdom", Yuexing Furnishing proposed the new positioning of "smart sharing, eternal emotion". It has established a new "ten-center" layout including a furniture exhibition center, a smart on-line to off-line shopping center, a lifestyle center, a design center, a cultural center, a quality testing center, a service center, a bonded center, an information center, and a scientific creation center, which forms new extensive experience for furniture shopping from both on-line and off-line channels, deeply satisfies the social elites' pursuit and enjoyment of higher quality modern consumption life, and actively sets a new way for development of this industry. So far, Yuexing Furnishing has speed up its pace of development, and has more than 100 furniture chain stores in all over the country.