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Innovative Design Forum of China International ...

On November 8, as one of the main supporting events of the China International Import Expo, the Innovative De...[See More]

09 11

Ding Zuohong:Bay Area is our future

Yuexing Group - a Shanghai-based furniture manufacturer - is banking on the much-touted Guangdong-Hong Kong-Ma...[See More]

27 10

Shanghai Global Harbor reinforces the operation...

On January 4th, Shanghai Mayor Mr. Yang Xiong and other Shanghai leaders paid a visit to Global Harbor to in...[See More]

27 02

The Board Chairman of Yuexing Group Mr. Ding Z...

At the invitation of New Zealand-China Trade Association, the Board Chairman of Yuexing Group Mr. Ding Zuohon...[See More]

27 02

A Dialogue between Mr. Ding Zuohong and Russ...

Mr. Ding Zuohong, the Board Chairman of Yuexing Group, asked Russian President Mr. Putin two questions at th...[See More]

27 02