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Shanghai Global Harbor reinforces the operation safety management

2015-02-27 16:13:46    Views:

On January 4th, Shanghai Mayor Mr. Yang Xiong and other Shanghai leaders paid a visit to Global Harbor to inspect the operation safety of the shopping mall. Mr. Yang Xiond gave full affirmation to Global Harbor’s safety precautions. He hoped that Global Harbor should take the lead in Shanghai to do a good job of operation safety and become the model of operation.

As the largest shopping mall of central city in the world, Global Harbor gets favor from consumers of Shanghai and even the whole China with its abundant brands, beautiful environment and excellent service. Since it started operation one year ago, Global Harbor’s daily customer number has been 60,000-100,000 on the weekdays, and over 200,000 at the weekend. Until now, Global Harbor has been keeping a Zero accident rate. Although Global Harbor’s daily customer number hit a record high during the New Year Holiday, its operation kept in order. 

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