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A Dialogue between Mr. Ding Zuohong and Russian President Mr. Putin at the APEC CEO Summit

2015-02-27 15:30:49    Views:

Mr. Ding Zuohong, the Board Chairman of Yuexing Group, asked Russian President Mr. Putin two questions at the 2014 APEC CEO Summit which closed on November 10th. And Mr. Putin answered with pleasure.

At the interview after the Summit, Mr. Ding Zuohong said that Yuexing Group has conducted diversified development in the fields such as large commercial complex besides furniture industry, especially Yuexing Global Harbor, an ultra-large urban complex integrating commerce, tourism and culture, which has already formed a great influence in Shanghai, and even at home and abroad. However, Mr. Ding still felt a deep attachment to furniture industry which was his familiar business.

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