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【Shanghai Daily】Putuo expo without end makes life better

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Entrepreneurs from home and abroad attentively listen to the speeches on the impacts of the China International Import Expo on China’s e-commerce at the Cross-Border E-commerce Conference on November 7 in Putuo District.

Putuo District in the city’s northwestern downtown has been taking an active part in the first China International Import Expo along with the companies based in the district to help create “an expo that never ends.”

The district government has widely promoted the expo among enterprises and encouraged them to actively participate in the event. The retail giant METRO, Fumanjia, Yuexing Group and other companies have joined the Shanghai trade group’s four major buyer alliances.

The alliances are for cross-border import e-commerce, large retailer purchaser, integrated trade service providers and exhibition and trade service. They plan to purchase about 4 billion yuan (US$580 million) worth of products at the expo.

As a highlight, the 9th China Cross-Border E-commerce Conference & Exhibition 2018 was held on November 7 in the district. Over 500 industry leaders from the world’s famous brands, retail e-commerce platforms, trade companies, logistic, cross-border payment, e-commerce technology and venture investment attended the conference.

Leading cross-border e-commerce companies were able to showcase their brands and seek cooperative and investment opportunities through the conference.

Over 60 events have been planned before, during and after the expo.

As a major event in Putuo, an innovation and design forum themed on “Design to make life better” has been selected as one of the supplement events to the expo and was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center on November 8. The forum is jointly organized by the Yuexing Group and the Designers Committee of the Furniture and Decoration Industry Association under the National Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Forums and micro exhibitions were held during the event to integrate the furniture culture and designing power to cap the new requirements on furniture design of young customers.

The district’s committee of commerce helps to realize the city’s ambition to make an expo without ending. It has supported the business and commerce headquarters to set up perennial displaying and trading platforms for high-quality imported products, along with a new products launching platform.

It is part of the city government’s plan to develop the six-day import expo into a year-round exhibition and trade platform.

For instance, two platforms, the Cross-Border e-Commerce Public Service Platform of Shanghai Northwest Logistics Park and the Orient International Import Country (Region) Commodities Center, have been selected as permanent exhibition and trade platforms for the expo.

Bonded logistic zone of Shanghai Northwest Logistics Park

The e-commerce platform in Putuo will display overseas specialties through online platforms. The Orient center that officially opened in late October holds trade fairs for imported products or new products debut at the center at 2900 Zhongshan Road N.

Furthermore, the city’s first Portuguese imported furniture bonded exhibition center opened on July 1 at the Yuexing Furniture. The center on Aomen Road is one of China’s first bonded exhibition sites for imported furniture. It was also the first time for the seven Portuguese renowned furniture brands to have an exhibition themed on China. The center aims to help the Portuguese furniture businesses to expand in the Chinese market.

In addition, from mid-October to mid-November, Global Harbor Mall will host a “Global Good Life Expo,” featuring theme weeks of Asia Pacific, Europe, Fashion Mix, Indian products exhibition and a mini import Expo.

The largest downtown shopping mall in Putuo with over 500 merchants aims to enable more consumers to experience the import expo and buy imported products within the mall. The serial events are targeted at promoting advanced international cultural trends and creating an unique shopping atmosphere in Putuo.

The Global Harbor Mall attracts throngs of shoppers with the “Global Good Life Expo,” which features theme weeks of Asia Pacific, Europe, Fashion Mix, Indian products exhibition and a mini import Expo.

An Asia Pacific Week and Europe Week trade fairs have been held in the mall along with an infant products’ fair and Japan souvenir exhibition. Italian and British designers opened a series of pop-up stores in the mall featuring creative imported merchandise through November 11.

A photo exhibition held by eight photographers from Italy and Japan, as well as a Mini Import Expo featuring works created by overseas students from the East China Normal University will also be held in the mall. An Australian products trade fair will mark the completion of the serial events themed on the expo on November 24.

Shanghai has planned 30 key investment promotion activities and 45 tour routes for participants to the expo. In Putuo, they include the China-Israel innovation cooperation and exchange activities, “Charming Putuo” serial activities and a cross-border e-commerce conference and exhibition which has attracted hundreds of guests from over 20 countries.

The district along the Suzhou Creek is full of humanity and culture resources. A 14.3-kilometer-long section of the creek, known as the “mother river” of the city, runs through the district which was once the birthplace of China’s national industries.

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