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【CGTN】Chinese delegates find opportunities at APEC CEO Summit

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For Chinese delegates attending the APEC CEO Summit held in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby, it's not just a meeting with other countries' CEOs, they discovered a country they probably otherwise would not have visited.

Many of the Chinese delegates say their attendance has been rewarding. Cui Genliang, chairman of communications equipment giant Hengtong Group, said his company is participating in Papua New Guinea's (PNG) undersea Internet cable project.

"Our part of the deal is worth a few hundred million US dollars. In the future we will continue to globalize, in the South Pacific and other regions. I think after this deal in PNG we will have a lot more undersea cable business opportunities."

The project will further connect Papua New Guineans nationwide. Cui said the Chinese company will provide undersea cables of more than 5,000 kilometers to link 14 cities and cover more than half of the population in PNG.

Chinese and PNG's national flags. /CGTN Photo

For Yao Xiaofei, founder and CEO of Rogrand — APEC is about sharing the best ways to enhance efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

"We're currently the largest pharmaceutical e-commerce firm in China, we do supply chain to business to consumers... ultimately [equipping] small  business to better serve the general public and consumers. So it's a s2b2c business model," she added.

Ding Zuohong, chairman of Chinese retail and hotels conglomerate Yuexing Group found something unexpected in PNG.  Ding found that the country has a wonderful environment and scenery, and is virgin territory with huge opportunities to expand as it has a big market and abundant resources.

Ding said he just held talks with PNG's mining minister, who welcomed investment from Chinese companies. "It's been a very worthwhile visit," Ding added.

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