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01Enterprise Tenet

Supplier of a better life 

02Enterprise Mission

Providing high quality products and service, deliver the comfort, health, and modern life philosophy

03Enterprise vision

Build the dream home

04The spirit of Enterprise

Progress, efficiency, innovation, learning "Tiger spirit"

05Enterprise values

Build the dream home

06The entrepreneurial spirit

axe spirit, chisel spirit, saw spirit

07Core concepts

1goal: bigger and stronger Yuexing/b>
Create a wider platform, so that more people can show talent on this platform and realize their dreams, and contributea to society.

2unities: unite thought ,unite action
unite all the opinions reserve diversity , employee's behavior was very consistent with the Group's strategic goals, to achieve perfect unity.

3pursuits: pursue truth, pursue dedication, pursue excellence
Insist on the right direction, pragmatic; self sacrifice, as far as it can; no best, only better

4 creations: culture , system , team , brand
To create the home of our hearts, to the modern enterprise management as the guarantee, build excellent team, improve the organizational , to enhance brand awareness and reputation

5"Hua": young, well educated , professionally, modern and international
In the new time the standard of Yuexing People is Energetic, knowledgeable, proficient in professional, caring with sociaty, also having international vision and mind

6"power": charm, ability, strength, experience, knowledge, perseverance
Having ability ,kind personality, full of youthful spirit, experience life, advance with the times, never yield in spite of reverses , is the requirement of Yuexing for talents in the new time